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If you’re already travelling in the same direction everyday to work and back why not earn money by giving people in your community who work in the same area a lift?

Offer a ride and earn money

As a car owner you can offer a ride to work and back and have the passenger(s) contribute towards your fuel costs.

Earn up to +/- R2000.00 for fuel

Offer more seats and you can totally* subsidise your monthly fuel spend.

Choose your preferred passengers

You have the total freedom to choose who you give a lift to. Choose based on your preferences like travel route and even music preference.

Women only option available.

Guarantee your payment

Lifti only uses debit and credit card payments, guaranteeing you your money from passengers.

Safety & Trust

Lifti verifies every users personal details, ID, Bank account, cell number, address and more to ensure you feel safe at all times.

How Lifti Works

Are you driving or riding?

Either way, tell the app where you need to go, and we’ll find you someone who’s headed the same way!

Let’s not pretend that waiting for bus or getting stuck alone in traffic isn’t the bane of our collective existence. Life is stressful enough – your commute shouldn’t have to be.

1. Signup

Signup for Lifti and complete your profile

2. Search

Enter where you live and where you work

3. Match

Find a match travelling in the same direction every day.

4. Pay & Rate

Pay the driver using our secure payment gateway and rate each other