Need A Lift?
Whether its your daily work commute
or long distance travel, use Lifti.


Convenient pick-ups and drop-offs.
Efficient routes.
Payment within the app.


Lifti ensures your safety by verifying each user's ID and driver's license with relevant authorities.
It's cashless! All payments are made securely in the app.

Cost Effective

Driver: Reduce your fuel costs by sharing them with passenger(s).
Passenger: Enjoy the benefits of safe, convenient and cost effective transportation.

About Lifti

Lifti is a lift-club app that matches car owners and passengers from the same neighbourhoods, travelling in the same directions, at the same times. Our service ensures that passengers can travel short or long distances comfortable and reliably while our drivers are afforded the opportunity to share their fuel costs with passengers by offering their empty seats.

Lifti is not a cab service, but a lift club. While cab services generally charge approximately R7.50 per km, we charge between 75cents and R2.00 per km.

Lifti is a 100% African Startup envisioned by some of the continent’s most talented individuals who took their personal experiences with public transport, and sought to find a more efficient and convenient solution to our daily commute, and long distance travel challenges. The Lifti team of founders and developers is comprised of people from all over the continent; South Africa, Ghana, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

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