A Sharing Economy by Africans, For Africa

 May 23 2019

Africa has a different set of rules to play by when it comes to taking products and services to market. A sharing economy has existed in our culture for centuries. We ask neighbours for lifts, borrow sugar from next door and as the adage goes, “it takes a village to raise a child in Africa”

Our concept is based on this cultural dynamic. It would be misguided for African startups and multinationals to adopt a copy and paste model from developed countries when deploying disruptive innovation in our regions.

We at Lifti have reworked the business model to fit our cultural nuances by learning from how customers have previously engaged with products and services in the same field. We have seen that the technology and need may have advanced but our community’s perceived value of the business remains largely traditional, so we have to marry it with new technology.

This is why we use the tag line “Ke kopa lifti?”. It is self-explanatory and instead of making self-indulgent promises, this simple request is the reason we exist. We can’t motivate our premise without taking into account a phrase we have heard so many times. So why not ask for a lift using the smartphones that have come to run our lives? Why not embody the spirit of our sharing economy culture in how we use technology?

Download Lifti and start a lift club. Share the costs, preserve the African culture and still move with the times.

For Africa, by Africans, -The Lifti Team

Feature On Tech In Africa

 April 28 2019

Our founder was featured on Tech In Africa's Meet The Founder series. Read the article HERE.

The Story of an African Startup

 April 15 2019

There is a lot to be desired when it comes to a truly “great African experience”- that’s if you leave out our rich, diverse, tumultuous history. As young Africans, we cannot aspire to “great experiences” just yet, we can only aspire to “better experiences”. What we are facing is the opportunity to begin to change the narrative.

Lifti is not just another fancy app, promising to get you to where you need to be. Lifti is a realistic solution to a very real problem with the infrastructure and resources available to us. Over and above the obvious functions, Lifti is a brand that addresses many disconnects in the newly constructed “African Dream”.

We want our peers to think towards trading themselves out of poverty; this will mean buying into new ideas where you can get into a car; make connections network and save. We want to create new value chains and propositions that suit us all and drive us toward a collaborative new, young, innovative Africa. We want to do all of this with our economic standing in consideration.

Take or offer a ride with someone on our platform, have real conversations. Fuel prices are rising, safety is a major concern; so why not share the costs and use a platform that verifies users and makes safety a priority? We want more for Africans. We want to move from better to great experiences and we want to take you with us.

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