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The Managed lift club app enables employers of any size to implement an impactful commute solution.

Corporate Social Responsibility

With a focus on greenhouse gas, if a small percentage of employees’ belonged to a lift club instead of drive to work alone, the resulting reduction in the collective carbon footprint of the organization can be significant. Become part of the solution to pollution and traffic congestion.

Optimize Parking

With employees travelling together, parking will no longer be as limited as it once was. This will reduce space requirement and maintenance costs.

Recruit & Retain

Show your commitment to the employee experience by dramatically improving their commute thereby strengthening culture across the organisation, leading to higher job satisfaction and increased morale.

Make it Fun for employees

Studies have shown that long commutes correlate with higher stress levels and adverse health effects. With Lifti, your employees are able to enjoy a stress free commute. A convenient, well managed lift club programme can make the commuting fun and help employees extend their professional social network.

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