A community you can trust

Security, trust and safety are at the forefront of our concern to ensure that both passengers and drivers can always have peace of mind.

Lifti has partnered with Hyphen to ensure we can verify every user's true identity by obtaining the following information:

  • Bank Account holder Verification (All major banks)
  • Identity Number
  • Postal and Physical Address
  • Daily Fraud Screening
  • Cellphone Number
  • Email Address

Female Only Option

We value the safety of women in our communities. So as to further ensure their safety we have a “Women Only” search and match option which matches female passengers to female drivers.

User Privacy

Lifti respects your privacy. It therefore keeps users' last names, phone numbers and email addresses hidden and private at all times. Users can however call privately and message each other all within the app.


After each trip we strongly encourage users to rate each other for better transparency and monitoring purposes. Ratings will assist users in choosing reliable and credible drivers. If a user's ratings falls below a satisfactory average of 2.5 stars they will be automatically expelled from the Lifti community to ensure that we always maintain better experiences for other users.

Secure payments

When a booking is accepted, passengers are charged electronically using the debit or credit card on file. It is important to note that payment is held until 24 hours after the ride is complete. If the ride doesn’t happen or something goes wrong, simply let us know and we will process a refund according to our Company Policy.

Drivers can rest assured knowing they’ll get paid without the need to ask in person.

Before you ride


Look for verifications (ID, Bank Acc, etc), ratings and feedback on a user’s profile.


Send a message and start a conversation. This is a great way to help you decide before you match.

Plan ahead

Make sure you both know exactly the best and most convenient pick-up and drop off points. Let family and friends know where, when, and with whom you are travelling with.

During the trip

Pick a place

Agree on a public meeting spot that’s convenient, comfortable and safe.

Go with the flow

Driving can be an adventure – embrace it! But remember to be direct and upfront if you have any sudden change in plans. If you do not feel safe – don’t go.

Take breaks

If you’re going on a longer trip, don’t forget to make a pitstop or two to refuel both your car and your stomachs!

After you return

Leave feedback

Ridesharing through Lifti means you’re part of a community. You can help make that community better by leaving feedback and rating the people you ride with.

Legal Disclaimers

Lifti does not verify the status of the driver’s license, review the driving record, or review the criminal record of any driver.

Lifti is not responsible for the safety of any vehicle utilized by a driver.

Lifti does not verify the status or sufficiency of any automobile insurance coverage maintained by a driver or applicable to the car being utilized.